About Us



In 2002 the Southington Township Park was developed and new gazebo built to provide a recreational green space for the community and facility for civic functions.

The Southington Township Community Park located at the intersection of State Route 534 and Warren Burton Road in Southington is a very popular setting for a wide variety of events.



The Southington Township Trustees set aside four events each year at the park. The end of summer/return to school party, Halloween in the Park, Christmas in the Park and Easter in the Park. Don and Patsy Strock head up these events and guide an army of volunteers in preparing for each event.

The Township Trustees wish to thank Don & Patsy Strock and their army of volunteers for making these four events such a huge success.



In addition to these four events, the Park area is reserved for weddings, family picnics, graduation parties, photo sessions, etc. Wedding party requests have come from Southington, surrounding communities and even out of State. The Park area is kept available for Homecoming and Prom nights for use in photo sessions. We’ve even seen students from surrounding areas come in to take pictures at our Gazebo.

There is no charge for reserving the Southington Township Community Park area and reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis. Please check the calendar on our home page for availability and to make a reservation contact Fiscal Officer, Michelle Hall at 

(330) 889-2551 or mhallsouthingtontwp@gmail.com.


Anyone interested in volunteering with events at the park, please contact Don Strock at 330-847-0235.